The Bible Belt



There was a fiddler in our town,

Who was fiddling around.

Because he had faith,

He thought it was safe!

The Blue Grass Man

Went to bed with a fan.


In the middle of the night,

They had a fight.

The only thing within reach

To hit this peach—

The only thing around—

Was leather bound.

Without takin’ a look,

He picked up the book.

With nothing else in mind,

He  belted her behind.


While the fiddler was at large,

The lady filed a charge.

But the Judge had both empathy

And sympathy.

The aggressor got off light

For this fight.


And the moral of the story is:

  If you’re gon’na have fun

  On th’ run,

  Take along a BIBLE—

  Instead of a GUN!

© Dallas E. Boggs, 1996

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