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Be careful about the new GM cars! Last weekend, I rented a new Chevy that I thought was on full when I picked it up. I ran out of gas about 40 miles out.  On that car, full is to the left, and empty to the right…and it’s on hieroglyphics….eclipse of sun is empty…and full sun is full. My brother, Norris (and he drives cars for an auction company), had a similar experience with a new Oldsmobile.

I distinctly remember that the check-out agent said. “Let’s do a walk-around…and then sign this to verify there are no scratches or dents..and that the tank is full” I looked at the gage, and it was almost all the way to the right (To me, that meant an almost full tank). When I returned and complained, they showed me the form I had signed. It was check on 1/8 full.

Now, I’m warning people to look out for themselves. I think it’s a trick to get you to return with a full tank. It’s $40 or $50 extra to them. Next time, I’ll read more carefully what I sign!

Cousin Boxley said “You are absolutely right. It is an underhanded way for them to end up with free gas in the tank that wasn’t there when you rented the car. Always tell them you want to leave with a full tank and come back with a full tank; then you don’t have to be careful about how much gas to put in the car so that you don’t end up giving them free gas when you turn the car in.”

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