History — my version

                                          I WAS THERE               

 I was born several  wars ago,  And there’s not much that I don’t know. I have seen Presidents come and go.  I don’t remember just how many.  Some were fat, and some were skinny.  Some were rich, and none were poor; And they don’t  make us go to war no more.       

I was there at  Pearl Harbor,  and I saw Tojo’s spy.A  cloud hid the reserve fuel supply.Without it, the Nips could not have been beat. We would have had a horse without a shoe on his feet.

I was there on the eve of D-day, And I heard General Eisenhower order his Chaplin to pray. Then the clouds cleared from the skies, And we took Hitler by surprise.  

I was there when FDR passed away, and Truman asked us all to pray.  He said he felt like he’d just fell under a bail of hay.   

I was there in Korea when 50,000 American soldiers fell,  Pushing the commies back over the 38th parallel. To one faction, it was a police action—To another it was a limited war; but we all knew what we were fighting for. We couldn’t afford to wait. We had to stop that Ungodly police state. 

I was there when General MacArthur walked on water.I said, “That’s what you otter.” The guns were booming loud.  Harry Truman said, “This is my son of whom I’m very proud.”

I was there when Kennedy rolled the dicesDuring the Cuban missile crisis. Everyones’ faith was put to the test;But Khrushchev moaned, “Thank God, I’m an atheist.” 

I was there when young Bill Clinton shook hands with JFK.Young Bill whispered, “I want to be just like him some day.”  

I was there when Oswald shot at Kennedy and popped him in the head.The rest of what I saw is best left unsaid. 

I was there when the commies decided they wanted all of Vietnam; But JFK said, “We must save those one million souls that ran.” When it became clear that the natives wouldn’t fight,  LBJ threw in all of our military might.  I was there when our forces suffered several defeats, And our College Boys took to the streets.  Everybody and his brother already knew—That we had bit off more than we could chew—Long before Johnson went home to pout, And long before Nixon pulled our troops out.

I was there when Richard Nixon left office in despair, With his reputation damaged beyond repair.  I said, “The evening news will be a bore.  We won’t have Ol’ Nixon to kick around anymore.”                                                                      

I was there when Mr. Peanuts started kicking buttsAnd got caught in the Ayatollah’s net.When Ol’ Ronald Reagan took on the Pagan,I said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”          

I was there when NASA over-ruled their Engineer. They said there was nothing in the weather to fear. But the seals shrunk, and the Challenger went ka-plunk. The whole Nation had to pay, And six astronauts and a pretty teacher met their May-day.                 

I was there when the Berlin Wall began to fall.I asked, “When will of those invisible walls come down—Those between the whites and the black, yellow and brown?” 

I was there when all of Sadam’s troops turned and ran. General S. said, “Sadam has already been had. Let’s go all the way to Baghdad.”  But Bush said, “Let’s leave him there to face Iran.”            

I was there when the storm hit us like a train. I asked, “Why do we feel only our own pain?”But, when it’s all over and I’m pushing up the clover, I will say, “I wouldn’t have had it any other way!” 

©  1998                 By Dallas E. Boggs          

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  1. admin says:

    As we get older, our life experiences converge in areas of the brain that don’t require as many cells as we had in our youth. Our brains shrink so that we only remember the positive and important things in our past. Through the wisdom accumulated with age, we have learned to focus on the positive–thus, “The Golden Years”.

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